Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Vista That Works"

2009-01-20_0657.pngI've installed Windows 7 on my MacBook. I have it running as a virtual machine inside Parallels. I'm still playing with it and trying out different applications and add-ons. I also have Windows XP and Windows Vista on my machine - yes it's crowded (I have Linux too!). Anyway my first impressions of Windows 7 are pretty positive. It runs better and manages memory better than either XP or Vista. It's not perfect, but a significant improvement over Vista. If you or your institution or organization is still running Windows XP and trying to decide which upgrade path to take, I would advise waiting until 2010 for Windows 7.

Technology Review: "Vista That Works"

One week after Microsoft began offering preview downloads of Windows 7 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, experts are generally optimistic about what they're seeing. The full release of the new operating system isn't planned until 2010. But the software giant seems to be hoping that the preview release will allay the concerns of Windows users who were unwilling to switch from Windows XP to its troubled successor, Vista.

Vista, which was released in late 2006, met with some bad reviews and sluggish adoption in the business world. Forrester Research reports that by June 2008, only about 9 percent of its clients had switched to Vista. Microsoft went on selling XP months longer than it had planned. Now, the company is promoting Windows 7 as a response to user feedback.

Windows 7 features a few changes to Microsoft's familiar user interface. Buttons for open windows no longer appear along the bottom of the screen. In their place are larger icons representing active and frequently used (or user selected) programs. When a user hovers the cursor over the icon for an active program, preview thumbnails of the open windows pop up, and the user selects the one that she wants. Certain cursor movements also trigger common changes to windows. Dragging a window to the top of the screen maximizes it, dragging a window to the side snaps it in place so that it takes up half the screen, and dragging the cursor down to the right-hand corner of the screen makes all the open windows transparent so that the user can see down to the desktop. Microsoft also says that it has made it easier for users to create home networks, and that Windows 7 makes better use of resources than Vista did. The system requirements are similar to those for Vista Home Premium, but early reports say that Windows 7 manages memory better and runs faster.

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