Friday, January 23, 2009

Portable Parallels - Almost

I run Parallels 4 on my MacBook, in part because I still use software that only runs on windows and also because I teach a variety of operating systems and have to keep myself current. I've been running Windows XP, Vista, and Fedora Core, and recently just installed Windows 7. I've also used Parallels to install and experiment with image files from a number of live Linux distributions. Parallels is great because I can take a snapshot, experiment with new features, break the OS and return to the snapshot. Tools such as Parallels, VMWare, and the less powerful VirtualPC are great teaching and research tools. It's not uncommon to install new service packs in a virtual environment, test them there, and if things are working roll them patch or service pack out in a production environment.

Here's a screenshot from a new free iPhone app from Parallels. Right now it only allows you to start, stop, or suspend an OS. Hopefully this app will continue to improve, allowing you to zoom in, and run applications - essentially a remote control for the virtual OS.

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