Friday, January 09, 2009

Portland WiMax Goes Live

Clearwire is moving forward with their WiMax rollout. The pricing seems pretty competitive - $40/month for 6 Mbps fixed residential download.
Wireless Tech - Clearwire Turns on WiMAX Service in Portland
Clearwire has switched on its WiMAX service in the greater metropolitan area of Portland, Ore. -- the company's second WiMAX coverage zone in the United States. Early last month, Clearwire completed its transaction to acquire and operate Sprint-Nextel's Xohm-branded WiMAX service in Baltimore, which Clearwire expects to rebrand with the name 'Clear.'

'Clearwire is reinventing wireless by delivering an unmatched combination of Internet speed and mobility,' said company CEO Benjamin Wolff. 'We're providing a valuable service designed to improve our customers' productivity and make their lives more enjoyable, wherever they happen to be in our coverage area.'

Clear Subscription Options

Under Clearwire's three plans for fixed residential locations, priced at $20, $30 and $40 per month, consumers receive download speeds of 786 Kbps, three Mbps, and six Mbps. By contrast, unlimited mobile Internet usage costs $50 per month. However, cheaper $30 and $40 mobile plans are also available with 200MB or 2GB of monthly Internet usage.

Consumers in need of both stationary and on-the-go capabilities can save up to $20 per month by subscribing to both fixed and mobile plans. A $10-per-day Clear pass is also available for occasional-use customers.

Clear plans for fixed business locations -- priced at $55 and $75 -- deliver download speeds in the four-to-six Mbps range, as well as speedy one-Mbps uploads.

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