Thursday, January 15, 2009

Five Ed-Tech Stories to Watch for 2009

Interesting list. Here's my quick take. I think "validated learning" will actually be a good think for online courses - giving them more credibility. I think Internet safety is going to become increasingly important - not sure whether federal/state regulations would be a good thing or not. We now know Obama's pick for the FCC - Julius Genachowski. For the most part getting good reviews. Seems like a good pick. I think his background lends itself to supporting net neutrality and improving broadband access. Let's keep our fingers crossed. Obama is trying to delay the transition to digital TV (read Digital TV- Maybe Not Next Month?). I think DTV will happen, because the broadcasters can't afford to continue both analog and digital broadcast for too long. I understand the rationale for the delay - the program educating end users about the transition and getting users the $40 coupon for a digital convertor box has been pretty confusing and unsuccessful. The last item - education under Obama - I think is wait and see. I think everyone in education is hopeful - read Tom Friedman's Time to Reboot America


here's a look ahead at five stories that could have a huge impact on educational technology in the new year. (You can follow the latest developments regarding these and other stories at

5. How will ‘validated learning' be enforced among the nation's colleges and universities?

4. How will new federal and state regulations affect internet safety education in schools?

3. Who will be Kevin Martin's successor as chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, and how will this change affect telecommunications policy in 2009?

2. Will the transition to digital TV broadcasting next month occur seamlessly--or will schools experience any problems?

1. How will education fare under the Obama administration?

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