Friday, January 09, 2009

Pico Projector in the Wild

It's great to see these pico projectors demonstrated. Having a cell phone or iPhone with a built in projector is a game-changer. Imagine being able to give an elevator talk with a cell phone projecting the image or explaining a concept to a student in the hallway. Click the link to read more and watch a brief video.
AppleInsider | Microvision's tiny video projector wows Macworld attendees
one of the most impressive new technology introductions at Macworld Expo was hidden away in Moscone Center's North Hall: a tiny video projector the size of an iPhone.

The highly mobile new projector was developed by Microvision, based on a new video projection technology called PicoP. Unlike existing display technologies such as Texas Instrument's DLP, which uses micro-mirrors, a high powered lamp, and a relatively large color wheel, Microvision's new PicoP uses three primary color lasers and a single aiming mirror.

The result is a highly compact projection engine that the company hopes to eventually embed into a mobile phone. The functional prototype device the company was showing paired the tiny engine (lower right black unit in photo) inside an iPhone-sized package (left unit) housing a rechargeable battery and its supporting video circuitry.


Anonymous said...

What would this be liked combined with an iPhone or iPod?

Anonymous said...

What would it be like compined with an iphone or ipod? it would be freaking amazing!

Imagine these scenarios:

You are sitting at a bus stop and decide to play music videos on the street sign while you are waiting,

You are in the hallway at school and you want to show all your friends gathered the latest funny youtube video - you display it on a friend's tshirt!

You pop into a meeting with no laptop and need no projector - you pop out your phone and picop projector and run through your presentation.

You just captured a video of your kids soccer goal, and now you wnat to play it back for the whole team to see -- on the brick wall!

---it is always in focus, it is NOT an expensive lamp that will burn out, it is low power consumption...... It will be freaking amazing!


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