Monday, January 12, 2009

Screenshots of the Palm webOS SDK

The new Palm Pre and it's webOS (click the link below for screenshots of the SDK) have been getting a lot of press lately, most of it good. I've read a number of gushing, salivating reviews. I'm wondering why there's so much hype over the web-based apps for this phone. It's very similar to the web apps that were available for the iPhone - before the iPhone SDK was released. If you remember, people (users, pundits, programmers, etc) were furious that Apple was not allowing native apps - where's the outrage now?

The Palm Pre looks like an interesting phone and the webOs and interesting platform, but it hasn't shipped yet and I haven't seen a timetable, other than later this year. Let's say it's six months. In six months, we might be seeing new offerings from Apple, Google and RIM that raise the bar for smartphones. If the delay is too long Palm risks putting out a phone that it passe' before anyone's even got it.

The web apps were great, but how do you monetize them? And can you access these apps from an airplane? Lot's of questions left unanswered. I think it was a pretty uneventful MacWorld/CES year, so attendees, press, etc are looking for anything to spark a little excitement.

Palm webOS SDK : Boy Genius Report

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