Sunday, January 04, 2009

Green Tech 2009 and Academic Programs

My school and many others - I'm sure - have green or renewable energy courses and programs in the works. Unfortunately, it seems changing political winds and the drop in oil prices may limit the success of these programs. Let's hope not! Green tech year in preview | Green Tech - CNET News:
"How bright is the future for green technologies in the coming year? On the whole, the picture appears positive but still susceptible to swings in energy prices and political sentiment.

With an incoming administration that intends to spearhead a comprehensive energy policy and reduce carbon emissions, many expect to have a favorable policy environment for clean-tech businesses.

Consumers and business, too, continue to gravitate to all things green even in the face of greenwashing.

Driven by these forces, many clean technologies are already starting to crack into the energy industry, which is dominated by huge corporations.

For example, solar technologies, including solar thermal power plants and thin-film solar cells, are starting to be commercialized. Electric cars, too, have come to market with many more in the works that target mainstream consumers.

But at the same time, the wave of green-tech companies and initiatives formed over the past four years face some serious head winds."

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