Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some Interesting Blackberry Storm Info

Great picture of the Blackberry Storm internals. This story gives a real sense of just how competitive the smartphone market is. If the data from iSuppli is correct, RIM is making only $4 on each device. I think the $199 price for the 8GB iPhone 3G has sort of dictated pricing for competitors. Another story, below, shows how long it took to reach the 1 million devices sold milestone for various handsets.
iSuppli: BlackBerry Storm costs $4 more than its purchase price to build - Engadget
In a fiscal climate where profit margin reigns intensely supreme, we've got yet another dollop of bad news to heap upon the parfait of pain that is the $199 (after $50 mail in rebate) BlackBerry Storm. Research firm, iSuppli, estimates that the cost for the components and assembly of RIM's BlackBerry Storm are just shy of $203 -- an estimate that does not include software development and uh, bug fixing costs or those attributed to patent licensing, physical distribution, marketing or anything else in the product lifecycle. The most costly component is the $35 Qualcomm MSM7600 processor that gives the Storm its dual GSM / CDMA personality.

Days to 1 million: the smartphone wars - Engadget
The image demonstrates the speed (in terms of days) at which each competing handset achieved the magic milestone.

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