Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A National Higher Ed Computing Cloud

I'm a big fan of cloud computing. I think we've reached the point where the technology is there - hardware, software, and network bandwidth - to make cloud computing viable and mainstream. This is an intriguing idea - having a government-funded computing cloud, but I think many of the tools and resources are already available, most for free. I'm not sure what's to be gained by having the government build the cloud. Frankly I trust Zoho or Google to get this accomplished more than I do the Federal government. There's nothing that would prevent faculty from small institutions with using existing tools to connect with colleagues around the country and the world.
Higher education needs a national computing cloud
I propose you create a government-funded computing cloud for use by all colleges and universities. Such a resource would level the academic playing field. Researchers toiling at thousands of smaller institutions would have access to computing power currently available only to a handful. We cannot predict from where the next great innovation will come, but public cloud computing would dramatically improve our collaboration and innovation as a nation.

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Maisa said...

Good point!

Google and Zoho are great examples!
Also, I believe that online desktop models will have more space in this scenario, giving the familiar feeling to the ones to used with traditional technology.
Having many apps available for free in one only place where you can create/share and store content should make a difference in this process of migrating into the Cloud.
I hope more and more users find its benefits, including Educational Institutions.



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