Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ideas on E-Learning

A couple interesting ideas on enhancing online learning.
NY Technology Examiner: Gawk vs geek
There are some fantastic new inventions out there.  But what I really want to see are more products that enhance my online learning experience.  Here are some of my ideas:

    Holograph Instructors - that answer questions on any topic (similar to the android 'Data' of Star Trek fame).  Of course this would be a computer-operated 'person' that students can contact through their course management platform.  It's not that I mind having a human instructor. But an online environment does create a sense of being in a time warp - learning skills that are not yet applicable to present day reality.  Robot 

    Tutors - robots that can read whole text books in two days then paraphrase the material in simplified terms.  You might think this will reduce learning to a mere 'couch potato with headphones' experience.  Not so, says I. This would in fact speed up the learning process, allowing students to grasp more knowledge in a shorter time frame, and even broaden their knowledge base. I appreciate the availability of eBooks, but I sure could use some help understanding the 20 chapters on research methodology.  Essentially, I want to learn everything I can, while still having time to relax and enjoy my favorite movie or go shopping online. Studying is important, but let's have some fun with it.

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