Saturday, January 03, 2009

Teacher as Master Learner

Great podcast episode from David Warlick. I particularly like the idea of encouraging life-long learning in kids by modeling the behavior as faculty. That's the idea of being a "Master Learner." Will also have to take a closer look at mogulus and try out a "What I Learned Today Slide" in my presentation. David Warlick: Connect Learning
Episode 103: A Conversation with Steve Dembo
This was one of the best episode's I've done and I certainly which there hadn't been the ambient noise that you'll have to listen through. I usually do not worry about the back grounds, because I think that it adds to the sense of place. But a restaurant is not the place to do a podcast recording.

I get them where I can thought, and I certainly didn't want to miss an opportunity with Steve Dembo.

I hope that you enjoy it.

audio post: listen now

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