Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Free or Open Source Synchronous Learning

In response to Synchronous Learning Tools reader Rebecca commented:
You should take a look at Yugma (www.yugma.com). Yugma's free version allows you to share your desktop with up to 10 others while using the built-in instant message features.
Great point Rebecca, thanks! There are a ton of free and open source alternatives to paid services and applications. In an earlier post - UPDATED: Educational Uses of Web 2.0 Based Applications - I pointed to Yugma and a number of synchronous learning tools.
Just added - Online Meeting-Screen/Application Sharing

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Zohair said...

If you're interested in a synchronous tool that's centered around a whiteboard, you should check out Dabbleboard. It's got a reinvented interface to make drawing with a mouse feel more natural, and a public library for sharing materials with students or other educators.


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