Thursday, December 18, 2008

P2P file Transfers

I've been using services like YouSendIt and Sendspace to send large files (usually audio or video I've recorded). With these services, you upload the file and enter the recipients email address. The result is an email to your intended destination with a link to download the file. Using YouSendIt or Sendspace avoids the bottlenecks and file size limitations typically associated with sending a file as an email attachment. Here's a great cross-platform alternative that relies on creating a peer-to-peer connection between to nodes to transfer a file. Looks pretty simple and even encrypts the file transfer. Featured Download: FilePhile Transfers Any Size File Between Any Two Systems
Windows/Mac/Linux (All platforms): FilePhile is a peer-to-peer, multi-platform app for getting files of unlimited size between yourself and anyone else willing to give it a try.

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