Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Top Educational-Technology Stories of 2008

From, The top 10 ed-tech stories of 2008:

In this special retrospective, the editors of eSchool News highlight what we think are the 10 most significant ed-tech stories of 2008.

10. Students use cell-phone cameras to send and receive inappropriate photos.

9. JuicyCampus leaves a nasty stain on campus relationships.

8. ‘Botnet' attacks put school computers under hackers' control.

7. The power of online video is a force for good--and bad.

6. A landmark cyber-bullying case inspires new laws--and raises awareness of a growing problem.

5. The RIAA scores huge wins ... and then alters its strategy to combat illegal file sharing on campus.

4. U.S. students get low-cost laptops aimed at children in developing nations.

3. Broadband policies spark debate as the U.S. slips farther behind.

2. Rising costs, and a tanking economy, hammer schools--forcing several key changes in behavior.

1. President-elect Barack Obama's historic victory signals a shift in federal ed-tech policy.

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