Monday, December 29, 2008

Synchronous Learning Tools

Great comparison of synchronous learning systems Breeze and Elluminate from the Journal of Online Learning and Teaching. I've used both. Each is a great choice. As bandwidth continues to increase and high-speed broadband Internet becomes more-widely available, I think we will see more and more synchronous teacher-student and student-student interaction. Elluminate even offers a free v-room (virtual room) that will host up to three participants. While three participants doesn't make for a class, it does allow you to begin integrating synchronous learning into your online and face-to-face classes - for free!
Synchronous, virtual classroom systems can provide high levels of interaction for distance learning initiatives. With the rapid evolution of technology,continuous product evaluation is necessary to ensure optimal methods and resources for connecting students, instructors, and educational content in rich, online learning communities. This article presents the analysis of two online, synchronous learning solutions (Elluminate Live and Breeze),focusing on their abilities to meet both technical and pedagogical needs in higher education. To make a solid comparison, the systems were examined in online classrooms with instructors, guest speakers, and students. Pros and cons relative to usability, instructional needs, technical aspects, and compatibility are outlined for both systems.
Web conferencing systems

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You should take a look at Yugma ( Yugma's free version allows you to share your desktop with up to 10 others while using the built-in instant message features.


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