Thursday, December 18, 2008

Advice for Early 2009 - SET BOLD SHORT TERM GOALS

Great advice from Jim Carroll! Strategy for early 09 - Set bold short term goals - Trends & innovation expert Jim Carroll

Think about that. The economic news can literally smother the drive and enthusiasm of a team. Every day, folks are being beaten down by a surreal swarm of negative headlines. There's a smothering cloud of economic doom out there. People are dispirited, demoralized, and frankly, are coming in to work every day without any drive, initiative, and inclination to change.

Yet, we will one day be returning to a period of economic growth, and the graph seen here will make sense once again. Maybe it is already beginning to happen in some sectors. Maybe it might take some time yet.

Yet you can't let this attitude of pervasive negativity begin to clog up the arteries of your team. That's why you get out in front of this thing and SET BOLD SHORT TERM GOALS, That gives your team concise actions that can be pursued, and goals to achieve.

And it will leave your team well positioned for the economy as it does, inevitably, emerge from this current period of contraction.

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