Friday, December 19, 2008

We're Having a Twittervention

Great Twitter humor - shared on Google Reader by @ChrisBrogan Conversation Agent: You Know You're Spending too Much Time on Twitter When...
  1. You think @ChrisBrogan is a Mayor
  2. Your emails are 140 characters long
  3. You write @Mom
  4. You are actually paranoid about NOT being followed
  5. You look forward to summer so you can hang out on TweetDeck
  6. You don't understand why your company event is not being tweeted
  7. You find out you have been appointed to a vacant Senate seat before the Governor has called you
  8. You have a framed picture of your avatar on your desk instead of your kids
  9. You find out that "tweet" has nothing to do with ornithology
  10. Encountering the "fail whale" makes you want to join Greenpeace

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