Wednesday, December 31, 2008

50 Reasons to Teach Engineering

More from Celeste Baine's blog. Here are the top ten:
This list could also be called, “50 Reasons to Become an Engineer.” They work hand in hand.

With a little creativity, any one of these reasons can become a lesson or discussion about engineering careers and serve as a catapult to further exploration.

1. 48 countries (2.8 billion people) could face fresh water shortages by 2025.
2. To save the rainforests.
3. Population in developed countries will age and engineers can help develop assistive technologies so aging people can maintain healthy, productive lifestyles.
4. To give the underserved a clear path to family wage careers.
5. To give students whose talents lie with the concrete rather than the abstract an avenue to success.
6. To make sure students who excel at abstract academics can make the transition to concrete applications and specific problem-solving.
7. To give women another venue for success.
8. To enlighten students who don’t know what engineering is about.
9. To save rare or exotic animals from extinction.
10. To educate a potential President of the United States.

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