Tuesday, December 16, 2008

iPhone Tricks - at Barnes and Noble

After dropping my daughter off at dance last night, I went to a nearby Barnes and Noble to kill some time. Here are a couple iPhone tricks I performed while there.

Like many Barnes and Noble stores, this book shop has a Starbucks on the premises. Recently, Starbucks has begun giving free wifi to iPhone users. Unfortunately, the process is very convoluted. One has to first connect to the attwifi network, then open the browser - mobile Safari - which will take you to an AT & T splash screen. On this screen, you enter you iPhone telephone number and hit submit. This action generates a text message to your iPhone, which contains a link which when clicked will get you on the wifi network. Easier to do than to explain, but by no means simple.

My solution is an iPhone app called "Easy WiFi" - which I grabbed while it was free, a bit of promtional marketing from the developer. BTW - there's now two distinct apps "Easy Wifi for AT&T" - which is free and "Easy WiFi" which will cost you $1.99. Anyway, with this app, I've already got my iPhone telephone number entered in the configuration. All I have to do is start the app and I'm on the wifi network. As the app says - Easy!

And now for my next trick ...

I'm preparing to teach a Juniper Routing course in the Spring and have been looking for a good book, either to use with the class or for my own reference. I found this book, but it was a little pricey - nearly $70. So I pulled out my iPhone and start the Amazon app I wrote about earlier . Using the app, I took a picture of the book and uploaded the picture to the Amazon Remembers service. This service uses the picture - and humans - to find similar products and return the results back to me.

In a very short time (<2 minutes) I recieved a response, with the following:

Cheaper than the one in hand, but still pricey. So I clicked on "New and Used" and then narrowed it to "New" - and got the following:

Wow - $46 with $4 shipping and a seller with a 99% positive rating! Gotta love that!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the head sup. It is really cool.


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