Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Market Share: iPhone, Blackberry and Palm

Interesting survey results. In spite of some initial OS problems, the Blackberry Storm seems to be selling well - keeping RIM's market share steady, but does not appear to be impacting the market share of the Apple iPhone. The big loser seems to be Palm. Apple a Day: iPhone market share growing despite threat of BlackBerry Storm - The Baltimore Sun's David Zeiler follows all developments related to Apple, Inc. - baltimoresun.com
Demand for Apple’s iPhone 3G rose rapidly over the past year and should remain steady heading into 2009, according to a survey by Rockville, Md.-based ChangeWave Research.

The survey of 3,803 ChangeWave “alliance members” was conducted Dec. 9-15 and looks at trends in the smart phone market, particularly regarding the iPhone and Research in Motion’s BlackBerry Storm. Launched in November, the Storm is RIM’s first touchscreen smart phone.

So far it doesn’t look like the Storm has harmed iPhone sales in any significant way.

The current market share chart (based on which phone respondents currently own) shows the iPhone climbing from 6 percent in January to 23 percent in December. And that’s up from 17 percent in the September survey.

Meanwhile the BlackBerry has been rock-steady. Its share in January was 43 percent; in December, 41 percent, down 1 point from September.

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