Saturday, December 20, 2008

3D Model Computer Model from a Print Ad

Chris Brogan shared this video showing a really cool print marketing ad. Remands of videos I've seen of kids using a webcam to track motion - lie a wiimote. Not sure how it works, but would love to get a copy of the ad and try it out. brandflakesforbreakfast: mini gets inside your webcam to get inside your magazine
Check out this super cool print ad that produces aa 3D version of a MINI, when exposed to your webcam. It's MINI magic.
Mini experiments with augmented reality - Blog - Etre
The video clip shows a black and white ad that ran in three German car magazines recently which, when viewed through a webcam via the Mini website, features a 3D holographic model of the new automobile sitting on top of it! Readers can twist and turn their magazine to view the car from every imaginable angle.

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