Monday, December 22, 2008

OLPC in Action - "Think of the Laptop as a Vaccine"

Great video from TED showing delivery of 650 laptops to needy children in Columbia. Kids with no television or telephone. Very moving and inspirational - click on the click below to take part in the Buy One Get One program. TED | TEDBlog: TED goes to Colombia with Nicholas Negroponte
Earlier this month, Nicholas Negroponte flew to Colombia, along with a team from One Laptop per Child, to deliver bright-green XO laptops to schoolchildren in territory once held by guerrillas. TED came along to film as part of a new, occasional feature called "TED in the Field" that offers updates on TEDTalks speakers and the initiatives, ideas and products they announced. Negroponte talks with TED about OLPC and what he's learned along the way -- and invites TED viewers to take part in the Buy One Get One program.

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