Sunday, December 14, 2008

Seadragon Screenshots

My brief post last night on Microsoft's Seadragon for the iPhone generated a lot of interest. Among the readers was Adam Sheppard a former MS Live Labs team member, who left this comment:
This is a really great step forward for popularizing multi-resolution image formats and opening up a whole new vector in interface design. As a former member of the team you can read my take on where this is heading over at
Here are some screenshots:
First the opening Seadragon screen
I clicked on Asia Vacation - here are the photos loading - very fast; looks like a light table
Here is the photo set loaded ...
and rotated - gotta love the iPhone!

Here's a photo - great detailAnd another
Notice how I can zoom in and still maintain the detail

and one more example ...

again showing the detail

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