Saturday, December 13, 2008

Increased PC Security

This is an interesting approach to increased security on your PC, but not for the feint-of-heart or the technologically challenged. The thing I would worry about most is that users would forget or lose the USB drive and be locked out of their computer - "hello help desk..." I can't tell you how many USB drives I've left in my pants pocket. The rinse cycle is not so good for electronics! As they say in the article PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK. Maybe for now we leave this as an exercise in an A+ Computer Repair and Maintenance class. The piece ends with the following caution:
The solution is not foolproof. Even if someone is not able to boot your system he/she can easily get your data by using a live CD. So you might still want to keep your data encrypted.
Prevent Your PC From Booting If Your USB Drive Is Not Inserted
Most of us are concerned about the security and privacy of our data. We put login passwords, encrypt data and do various other tricks to ensure that someone cannot access our system without our authorization. Hardware manufacturers have also started exploiting our desire for data security by offering fingerprint readers, face recognition and other fancy stuff. If you are paranoid about who accesses your system, you can use a simple trick to prevent the system from booting unless you want it to boot.

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