Monday, December 15, 2008

How to Drive Future Growth

I'm giving thought to how the ten trends listed below will impact education. I'll post my thoughts later in the week. What do you think? Share your thoughts by commenting. 10 fundamental trends that don't change with the meltdown - Trends & innovation expert Jim Carroll
So what are the trends that will drive future growth? Off the top of my head, there are several:
  • growth markets will continue to emerge.
  • leaders in existing markets will grow through innovation.
  • health care will see significant transformation, not to mention spending.
  • green and energy will continue have more momentum.
  • technology will continue to hyper-innovate.
  • agility and flexibility will dominate.
  • the global idea machine will continue to influence innovation.
  • the next generation takes over.
  • A faster world happens, well, faster.
  • transformative thinking drives growth.

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