Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Impact of the iPhone on Photography

flickr iphone1.png
iPhone to Become #1 Camera on Flickr

a reflection of the intense popularity of mobile smartphones and specifically the rise of the iPhone. You always have a camera in your pocket (and with the 3GS, a camcorder too). Just as important is that it’s easy to upload your pictures directly from your mobile phone to your Flickr account. That’s something most digital cameras can’t do, since they aren’t connected to 3G or Wifi connections.
The impact is even more startling when you compare flickr uploads from the iPhone to other camera phones. I'd love to see a timeline on the x-axis to better understand this data. It looks like the was an initial ramp up in iPhone traffic (maybe) the release of the 1st generation iPhone, then a plateau, and finally another spike - the iPhone 3G?
flickr iphone2.png

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