Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Comcast versus Vonage

Great graph from the Silicon Alley Insider. Really demonstrates that once Comcast got serious about offering VoIP services, their subscriptions skyrocketed, while Vonages' flatlined.

comcast versus vonage.gif

CHART OF THE DAY: How Comcast Ate Vonage's Lunch (CMCSA, VG)

First movers don't always win. That's what Palm learned about smartphones, and TiVo learned about DVRs. And it's what Vonage (VG) is learning in IP telecom.

When the cable industry figured out that it could add cheap Internet phone service to its service bundles for almost no cost, Vonage was toast.

Cable's 'triple play,' web services like Skype, and patent wars have kept Vonage's subscriber base flat over the last three years. Meanwhile, Comcast (CMCSA) increased its phone subscribership eightfold, to 7 million.

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