Friday, August 14, 2009

Prezi Is Testing an Embed Feature

In my quest to find new ways to present information, I'm always on the lookout for new tools, new ways of presenting, and great examples of visualization. Prezi is a tool I stumbled upon a couple years ago. I haven't done a whole lot with Prezi - other than creating a couple simple presentations.
Earlier this year, I posted a video showing Prezi in action. To share this presentation, I had to open a screen recorder, record the Prezi while narrating, upload to a video hosting site, and finally embed. This got the job done, but not an ideal solution. Fortunately, some updates at Prezi promise to make things a little easier.
Prezi team proudly presents the tech pre-release of our new embed feature. From now on, you can embed any public presentation to your blog or website.
The ability to embed a Prezi will be a really great addition and make Prezi even more useful. Here are two examples of how a Prezi presentation might be embedded.

Embedded Prezi with simple navigation mode

Click play button and wait: Prezi plays automatically

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