Thursday, August 13, 2009

Map Of The Day: Night and Day in NYC - Gothamist

In an earlier post, Cities Without Subways, I linked to a blog post detailing the equivalent car traffic that would be required to replace the NYC subway. I included a really great visualization that made the case more easily than any word could. Here's a visualization on a similar topic - number of people in NYC during the day and at night. This mapped bar chart approach is a great way to present this data and really makes clear just how many people commute into New York each day.
Map Of The Day: Night and Day in NYC
The city may never sleep, but there are significantly less people in it during the witching hours. This neat illustration shows just how many people commute in for work only to go enjoy their nights in... Jersey? If you look closely you'll also see that Roosevelt Island's population doubles at night; what exactly is going on over there?

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