Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More on Android versus iPhone


In response to my post on the Android versus iPhone, an anonymous reader makes some good points and a case for the MyTouch 3G from T-Mobile. I agree Calacanis makes way too much of it in his post - The Case Against Apple-in Five Parts - sounds like a legal brief.
That's all good and fine, but why, literally, make a national case out of it?

As for myself, I too was quite frustrated with the double A's limits put on MY phone so I tried the G1 with Cupcake and found the GUI and OS experience quite refreshing but the hardware was just not for me. So now I finally get exactly what I want - the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G. Its been over a week and it's the Best of both worlds...the FORM factor I like with the OS that I NEED!

Not only the best phone, but my cell bill is 40% lower!!! (AND it fits just right in my pockets, too...and don't believe those rumours about the keypad being too small...remember when my Iphone came out I heard the same things!!!)

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Dylan said...

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