Thursday, August 13, 2009

Textbook? There's an App for That!

CourseSmart - iPhone App
When you purchase eTextbooks from CourseSmart you will have access from any computer with Internet access as well as the iPhone application. Study the way that fits your schedule, whether that's viewing text in the screen, printing out pages to read, or copy and pasting important passages into study guides.
  • View all your eTextbooks at once
  • Search eTextbooks using keywords
  • Quickly View your Notes
  • Easily Reference Table of Contents
  • Zoom or scroll as you Read Pages
  • View multiple pages. Jump to what you need
On the question of using a small screen for textbooks, The Apple Blog writes:
People might be quick to note that the iPhone’s small screen is hardly ideal for working with text books, most of which have larger than average publishing formats, which is why Amazon went about creating the Kindle DX in the first place. CourseSmart isn’t trying to sell people on the idea of using the pocket device as a straight-up substitute for all other learning aids, though. The app is designed to supplement its existing catalogue of e-textbooks on other platforms, not replace it entirely.

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