Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Why Vista Tanked

With the impending launch of Windows 7, this is an interesting list to review. I had forgotten about some of these issues - like the 'Vista Capable' labels on PCs - that couldn't actually run Vista. I think the two biggest issues with Vista were the confusing pricing structure and the feeling that Windows XP is working OK for me. If I can't figure which version of Vista to buy and XP seems to be working for me, there's no urgency to upgrade. I think Windows 7 is a huge improvement over both XP and Vista and worth upgrading to. I just hope that Microsoft doesn't make the same mistakes with this launch. [Click the link below to read more details].

Sixteen Reasons the Windows Vista Era Never Quite Happened

  1. The delay.
  2. Unfulfilled hype.
  3. Microsoft’s initial marketing also raised people’s expectations to bizarre heights.
  4. It depended too much on misplaced glitz.
  5. Too many features were too little, too late.
  6. It missed too many opportunities.
  7. Initial driver and application hassles.
  8. The ‘Vista Capable’ mess.
  9. Too many PC manufacturers made an iffy product worse.
  10. Vista started shaky and stayed shaky.
  11. Microsoft eventually gave up trying to market Vista.
  12. Apple’s operating system.
  13. Apple ads.
  14. The rise of netbooks.
  15. Microsoft failed to win over the two most important groups of customers it has.
  16. The ongoing viability of Windows XP.

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