Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Economy, Community Colleges, and Jobs

Great piece in the New York Times highlighting the important role of community colleges play in workforce development. Congratulations to all my friends and colleagues at Sinclair for being the focus of a great article. There's still time left before our fall semesters begin - everyone grab these quotes (highlighted below) and begin marketing your college and your program!

Sinclair Community College Aims at Jobs, Not Degrees
When Todd Sollar was laid off after 11 years at General Motors, he enrolled at Sinclair Community College in downtown Dayton to study robotics.

‘Hopefully, with a degree I’ll be marketable for a job,’ said Mr. Sollar, 32, who has overcome his nervousness about not fitting in because of his age. In fact, he is thriving, getting A’s and B’s, far better than in high school where he said officials had wrongly pegged him as having a learning disability.

As legions of displaced autoworkers and others face the prospect that their onetime jobs may be gone forever, many like Mr. Sollar will need training for a fresh start.

And perhaps the best place for them will be community colleges, long the workhorses of American higher education, workhorses that get little respect. In an unforgiving economy, these colleges provide lifelines not only for laid-off workers in need of a new career, but for recent high school graduates who find that many types of entry-level jobs now require additional skills.

President Obama has embraced the nation’s community colleges, arguing that they are vital bulwarks against the decline of the middle class — and of America’s competitiveness. [emphasis added - MQ]

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