Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Social Networking for Education

Many educators are puzzled by all the interest in Facebook and Twitter - questioning their educational uses and value. Here is an interesting web-based app (with mobile version targeted for the iPhone/iPod Touch) that allows students, educators and parents to connect with and learn from peers around the world. Pretty impressive list of schools involved already. If you're looking to bring social networking into your classroom, this may be worth a look.

9thPeriod - Making Education Social
9thPeriod.com is a new and exciting academic based social educational network and academic platform. 9thPeriod.com uses Web 2.0 tools and offers parents, students, teachers, academic experts, as well as institutions our services for the purposes of academic advancement.
Get matched with students taking the same high school and college classes, access to study materials, and get homework help!
via Jane's E-Learnig Pick of the Day

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