Thursday, October 20, 2011

QR Codes in the College Classroom

50 Great Ways to Use QR Codes in the College Classroom

Here are the top 5!

  1. Vcards– On your syllabus and any other documents that need (or could benefit from) your contact information, add a QR code so students and colleagues can quickly upload your information to their contact list.
  2. Office availability– Put a QR code on your office name plate to link to your onlinecalendar for availability and contact information.
  3. Connect on social media– Add a QR code to your contact information, and you can make it easy for people to automatically connect with you on social networks.
  4. Mobile class newsletters– Keep students updated on what’s happening in class with a QR linked mobile class newsletter.
  5. Polls and feedback– Using QR codes, you can ask students to vote on choices or give feedback.

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