Wednesday, March 31, 2010

If You Don't Want Our Department, ...

We'll Go to Another College
When the engineering-technology department at the University of Central Florida learned last June that it was on a list of programs to be cut, it didn't fight to the death. It switched.

Next summer all but three of the department's 17 faculty and staff members will leave the research university in Orlando for a community college 45 minutes up the highway. Daytona State College has a shiny new building waiting for them, with positions that maintain their salaries and tenure.

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Karl Kapp said...

This is very interesting, as technology increases an individual's ability to reach more and more people at a cost effective level, the influence and power of education is moving away from institutions and toward this case an individual department. I see this trend increasing.

If institutions don't start to value their faculty...faculty will begin teaching independently.


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