Monday, March 08, 2010

A Network-Connected Refrigerator

Not sure this is the right approach. People don't congregate around the fridge to read news, e-mail or weather reports. Maybe if the panel were wireless and could be removed and propped up on the counter.

internet fridge.jpgSamsung unveils fridge with built-in Internet - Yahoo! News
South Korea's Samsung Electronics Thursday unveiled a hi-tech alternative to the fridge magnet -- a refrigerator with Internet access that can display family photos or recipes on a screen.

The door of the 'Zipel e-Diary' features a 10-inch (25 cm) touch screen equipped with locally developed wi-fi software, allowing users to monitor Internet news and weather and store or display pictures and data.

It also can send and receive pictures from mobile phones.

The Zipel e-Diary, priced at 2.49 million won (2,174 US dollars), targets domestic consumers and Samsung has no immediate plan to sell it abroad.

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