Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lotus Glass Paves Way for Higher Resolution Displays

Casey Johnston reporting Corning's new Lotus Glass promises higher-resolution displays, more

Corning, the developers of Gorilla Glass, announced the launch of a new display material named Lotus Glass for use with LCD and OLED screens today in a press release. The company says Lotus Glass has more "thermal and dimensional stability," which will allow it to better withstand the process of attaching high-resolution displays and implementing “tighter design rules.”

LCD glass substrates can require intense heating and cooling cycles to create screens, particularly for higher-resolution displays, Corning says. Lotus Glass has a higher annealing point than Gorilla Glass, meaning more heat is required for the material to relax internal stresses and forces.

According to Corning, Lotus Glass will allow for screens with “higher resolution and faster response times.”

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