Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Siri Threat to Google and Microsoft

Kit Eaton on Why Google And Microsoft Are Bad-Mouthing Apple's Chatty Siri

Lee and Rubin must be nervous.

Siri As Search Diversion

One thing Siri does that may have both Google and Microsoft quaking in their boots is to act as a first sift "layer" for users trying to query the internet for information. When you speak to Siri the data gets whizzed off by Apple to its cloud servers, where the speech is processed and then interpreted--a process that, we imagine, involves trying to see if the query is answerable via a fact-based query to Wolfram Alpha ("how far away is the moon?") or a review-based query via Yelp ("is there a romantic restaurant nearby?").

Search in its most simple Internet-based results comes after this layer, because--as we all know--it's often a case of having to scan search results to try to find the data you're looking for, and that's just the way the Net works.

Siri could gum up Google and Bing (and Yahoo) ad revenue.

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