Tuesday, October 11, 2011

MacBook Air vs Lenovo Thinkpad X1

Christian Stefanescu compares the MacBook Air vs the Lenovo Thinkpad X1. His #1 priority seems to be running Linux for development purposes, which is more difficult on a MBA - short of that, the MBA wins.

With maximum specs on both, the MacBook Air is less expensive than the Lenovo X1, but it can only have 4GB of RAM and it does not seem to be a pleasant environment for running Linux natively, or as a dual-boot option. It trumps in display resolution, considerably lower weight, longer battery life, bigger hard-drive space and clever solutions like the power plug or the OS restore system on an USB stick instead of a hidden partition.

The Lenovo X1 comes out as the more expensive laptop, which might suprise some people. The upgrades for RAM and SSD bring the price up a lot, though and I deem it possible to get it below 2000€ by either staying with 4GB of RAM and/or the stock 128GB SSD or buying third-party components. The Lenovo also has the better Linux experience (in theory), the faster processor, better video output connectivity and generally better upgrade options (for instance: battery).

I guess it's up to your priorities, if you have to choose between these two portables. Subjectively, I think the MacBook Air wins this comparison. The only reasons to pick the X1 would be Linux compatibility, extended battery life [with an extra battery!] or 8GB of RAM.

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