Sunday, October 16, 2011

OpenClass: Free LMS – What's the Business Model?

Joshua Kim's thoughts Pearson's OpenClass Free LMS::

I am very excited about OpenClass, as an enterprise class free LMS has thepotentialto shake-up the marketplace in the way that Google accomplished with Apps for Education. I stresspotential, however, as Pearson has a number of challenging tasks ahead if OpenClass is to live up to its potential to disrupt the LMS market.

4 Initial Challenges:

1 - Convince The Community That OpenClass Is Enterprise Class LMS and a True Competitor for Existing Platforms:

2 - Articulate The Business Model of Offering a Free LMS:

3 - Execute Flawlessly With The Initial OpenClass Pilot Participants:

4 - Bring Pearson OpenClass Skeptics and Critics Into an Open Conversation:

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