Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Is Android Doomed to the Same Fate as Linux?

I don't think so, but strong words from John S. Wilson Android is the new Linux – and that's not a good thing would make it seem so. I do think that some of the patent issues spell trouble for Android - particularly the lawsuit from Oracle, but "downfall into irrelevance" is a bit hyperbolic.

Google’s mobile operating system Android is the new Linux: open, free (aside from patent issues), and just a utility. It’s completely worthless as a brand in which to build upon. Unfortunately for Google, Android means different things to different companies. For HTC and Samsung it’s beginning to be apatent mess. And for Amazon, it’s just a customizable layer that doesn’t even deserve branding, acknowledgment, or universal support. And ultimately this will be Android’s downfall into irrelevance.

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