Friday, April 08, 2011

No to the Kno - No Really

In an earlier post - No to the Know - I embedded a video about the Kno tablet titled "Changing Education Forever." I also linked to a story at with the audacious title The Future of the Tablet, and It Isn’t the iPad 2. Both the video and the article rave about the potential of the Kno:
a tiny start-up company has built a tablet explicitly designed for students that just might give us a glimpse of the future. The tablet is called the Kno and it has all of the standard functionality of the iPad, such as a touch screen with the ability to rotate on demand, but it really emphasizes the ability to take notes and seamlessly integrate your own thought with the information that you are reading.
My thoughts at the time:
Is it just me, or is this guy crazy? The Kno promo video looks interesting, but where are they? I haven't seen any - anywhere.
Now yesterday this news: Failed Tablet Startup Kno Is Getting $30 Million In Fresh Cash To Build Software For iPad And Android:
Intel capital is leading a $30 million investment in Kno, a startup that was originally planning on building massive tablets for the college market, All Things D reports.
Kno has abandoned its hardware plans and will focus on making iPad and Android software for college students.
Hmm ... I guess the iPad 2 is ok for education - as long as it's running the Kno software;)

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