Thursday, March 10, 2011

No to the Kno

Is it just me, or is this guy (see quoted story below) crazy? The Kno promo video looks interesting, but where are they? I haven't seen any - anywhere.

Changing Education Forever from Kno Tablet on Vimeo.

The Future of the Tablet, and It Isn’t the iPad 2:
the iPad and the majority of its competitors are focusing on a very narrow view of what the tablet can do.

As currently designed, tablets are basically expensive video game consoles used as a means to access the Internet, email, and books. But the true potential of the tablet is not in its ability to replace the video game console or the television. Rather, the tablet has the potential to improve our productivity. While the iPad 2 makes some strides in this direction compared to the original iPad (especially with the stronger processor), the focus of most of the enhancements are aimed at improving the entertainment value of the device.

But it is just stronger processing power along with a mindset towards increasing our capacity to do things--not just playing games--which represents the future of the Tablet. Recently, a tiny start-up company has built a tablet explicitly designed for students that just might give us a glimpse of the future. The tablet is called the Kno and it has all of the standard functionality of the iPad, such as a touch screen with the ability to rotate on demand, but it really emphasizes the ability to take notes and seamlessly integrate your own thought with the information that you are reading.

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