Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Focus on Students: Hottest IT Skills for 2011

Hottest IT job skills for 2011
Tech jobs in highest demand this year, according Janco's annual IT Salary Survey, published in early January of this year:

  1. Project Management – especially large projects with short time frame for delivery
  2. Security – focus on mandated compliance issues
  3. Network Administration – wireless and cloud administration
  4. Virtualization (Cloud) – new applications and management of the IT infrastructure
  5. Business and Operational Analysis – focus on business change
  6. Productivity Improvement Analysis – metrics and operational analysis
  7. Web 2 – interactive applications that add value
  8. Database Management – applications that leverage enterprise assets
  9. System Administration – Windows and UNIX management
  10. Desktop Support – standardization and change management
Hardest skills to hire, according to RHI:
  1. Security
  2. Networking
  3. Applications development
  4. Help desk/technical support
Skills in greatest demand, according to RHI
  1. Network administration
  2. Windows administration
  3. Desktop support
  4. Database management
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