Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Battle for Streaming Video

Netflix has been highly successful with their $8 streaming-only plan. Unfortunately, they've got 2 800-lb Gorillas after them. February 22nd, Amazon turned on unlimited video streaming for their Amazon Prime customers ($79 per year). Now Facebook - and their 500 million users - are getting into the game.

Netflix Unfriended by Facebook TV - TheStreet:
Facebook took some air out of the Netflix(NFLX_) balloon when it announced its own movie streaming service Tuesday.

More on NFLX Computer Hackers, Currency Strategies, Informatica CEOGoogle, Netflix: Tech Winners & Losers Market Activity Inc.| AMZN DOWN Google Inc.| GOOG UP Netflix Inc.| NFLX DOWN Working with Warner Brothers Digital Distribution, Facebook is testing a video service that will let users rent movies for $3, or 30 Facebook credits. The first installment of the trial is the 2008 Batman movie The Dark Knight, and users can have access to the rental for 48 hours.

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