Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Not Your Father's Camp

Very cool - nothing like this when I was a kid.
Quantum Cryptography School for Young Students:
This summer, Waterloo, Ontario's Institute for Quantum Computing is running a residential "Quantum Cryptography School for Young Students" for Canadian kids aged 16 and over. Holy awesome, does this sound cool:
This year the program will run through July 26-30, 2010. The program is run by the Institute for Quantum Computing in conjunction with the University of Waterloo. Students will be given a first-hand look into one of the most exciting topics in modern science-quantum cryptography. Not only will students have the opportunity to be exposed to cutting-edge topics like quantum physics and cryptography - they will have the opportunity to meet some of the most renowned researchers the field has to offer. In addition, students will get a tour of quantum computing and quantum cryptography experiments.
Quantum Cryptography School for Young Students

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