Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Blackboard Goes Freemium

I guess the plan is to get users 'hooked' on Blackboard, so that they'll beg their schools to move to Blackboard. Can't say I've met anyone 'hooked' on Blackboard - it's not exactly the crack of LMSes.
Blackboard Will Offer a Free Platform to Professors:
Blackboard has made its name on selling Blackboard Learn, its industry-leading learning management system (LMS), to universities. But professors will soon be able to use the platform for free even if their institutions do not have a contract with Blackboard, the company plans to announce today. Blackboard CourseSites, a cloud-based version of the company's LMS product, will allow instructors to use most of the features available through the normal learning-management system, minus those that require full integration with campus information systems. The idea is to give faculty members at non-Blackboard colleges, as well as those that have not upgraded to the latest versions “more options for experimentation” with the platform’s newest capabilities

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