Saturday, April 23, 2011

Houston Grandma Gets "Super Wi-Fi"

My mom is going to be so upset that she was't first.
Houston Grandma Is Nation's First "Super Wi-Fi" Adopter:
A Houston grandma, Leticia Aguirre, is believed to be the first residential user of so-called "Super Wi-Fi." That's according to Rice University, which had a hand in all this (and knows a good headline when it sees one).
TFA[Houston nonprofit Technology for All] and Rice wanted to know if Aguirre would like to try out a new kind of Wi-Fi, so-called "Super Wi-Fi."

What exactly is Super Wi-Fi? ... Fundamentally, it's just like normal Wi-Fi--you log on to the network in just the same way from any device. It's on a new spectrum, though; the FCC has just opened up a new stretch of spectrum, from 50 MHz to 700 MHz. With TV now digital, there are white spaces of spectrum that are now unused. What makes the Wi-Fi "super" is that, since it's at a lower frequency, it can travel for miles instead of feet, and pass through brick walls. Google has been interested in Super Wi-Fi for a while, and has a hospital in Ohio it's been running a trial on.
They installed the new Super Wi-Fi antenna about two weeks ago, and Rice and TFA gave her an iPad 2 (not 3G-enabled) to start testing it out.

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