Monday, April 11, 2011

iPad2 as Digital Whiteboard

For educators, one of the compelling reasons to get an iPad2 - even if you already have a first generation iPad - is the display mirroring functionality. With an iPad2, a sketching app (Penultimate, TakeNotes, Whiteboard HD, etc), a VGA adapter, maybe a stylus, and a classroom with an LCD projector, you've got yourself a little portable whiteboard. iPad as Digital Whiteboard:

the whiteboards in my classroom are worn out. They're impossible to wipe without spraying enough whiteboard cleaner to get an elephant high. Not a good situation.
With my new AV system in hand and an iPad 2, I figured out that I could probably put something together that looks like a digital whiteboard.
So I hooked up the iPad, fired up an app that I've owned since forever but never knew what to do with called Penultimate. Penultimate is, simply, an app that lets you draw with your finger. It provides multiple pages, three pen thicknesses and six colours. That's really it.

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